Paws4Healing Level 2

Formerly known as Canine Reiki level 2. In this workshop we will learn and practice specific energy healing techniques to improve the health and well-being of you and your canine companion.

Even though the experience in the workshops will be with dogs, the techniques can be practiced on any animal.

Course Outline:
- More in-depth exploration of Energy Field and Chakras of dogs;
- Learning to understand how our energy affects the animal’s and how to use this as a way to improve the animal’s well-being
- Review of assessing the chakras and energy field (pendulum and hand scan);
- Introduction to Crystal- and Sound Healing for dogs;
- Meditation with our canine companion
– Deepening our connection through meditation;

Additional Notes:
-Workshop includes handout. Lunch not included.
- Upon registration please inform Sanghavasini if you will be bringing your dog. All dogs must be on leash for the duration of the class and non-reactive to other dogs and people.
- Please note that Paws4Healing is NOT a replacement for regular health care – we do not diagnose. It is merely meant as an additional support for health care. Paws4Healing can be used to support physical healing, decrease stress levels & anxiety and much more.
- Please bring a mat for your dog to lie on, a pendulum if you have one (if not they will be available for use), a notebook and a pen.

When: Saturday September 24th, 2017
Where: All Season K9 Awareness Centre, 6 Riel Drive, St Albert, AB T8N 5C8
Time: 10am – 5pm. This includes an hour break.
Cost: $150 e-transfer or cash
For more information or to register please contact Sanghavasini at 403-805-3574 or email us.