Canine Mindfulness Meditation

These meditation sessions with your canine companion are designed to introduce you to new and exciting ways to connect with your dog through mindfulness meditation.

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your dog and all life, thus creating new ways to live a happy, stress-free life.

In This workshop you will:
- Learn how our behavior affects the dog’s behavior and vise- versa; learn about boundaries and how to consciously create them;
- Explore how to consciously communicate with your dog. Experience what your dog has to share with you through different forms of communication;
- Practice how you can move from reactive behavior to conscious behavior and learn how this leads to self-empowerment as well as a change in behavior in your dog;
- Learn how connecting with your dog in this mindful way can lead you to a more joyous and peaceful life;
- Learn more about yourself through learning about your dog;
- During the meditation sessions tools will be given that you can keep using afterwards and apply to your daily life;
- Last but not Least: Have fun to connect with your dog in this special way!

Course Outline

There are 4 aspects to this meditation class that will be explored through information, meditation and contemplative journaling.

Part one: Introduction to Canine Companion Mindfulness Meditation
In this part meditation will be explained and experienced. The benefits of mindfulness meditations will be discussed as well as the effects our behavior has on our canine companion and visa versa. Learn about how we are all intrinsically connected and how we can use this connection to pawsitively influence the wellbeing of our canine companion while bettering our lives.

Part two: Pawsitive Pooch and the Present Moment
In this part we will take a different look at learning from our canine companions. Instead of just them learning from us, experience what we can learn from our furry friends as well. Experience how they can teach us to bow-wow into the Now, and how this can lead to living a more fulfilling, joyous, less stressful life.

Part three: Mutts and Mirrors
During this class we will discuss and experience the so called “mirroring” aspect in connecting with our dogs. It is commonly known that we project onto others what we haven’t been able to see or recognize within ourselves. Learn in exciting new ways more about yourself and your canine companion. We will explore what boundaries are, how to become aware of them and how to consciously create them.

Part Four: Om Mani Puppy Hum - Canine Compassion
“Om Mani Padme Hum” is the Buddhist mantra of compassion. During this class, purposefully called “Om Mani Puppy Hum”, we will connect with the level of compassion that our dogs express so naturally through a beautiful heart meditation. Experience how we can move into deeper levels of trust, forgiveness and unconditional love by connecting with our wise canine companions. In this last part of the four we will delve into telepathic communication with our furry friends, practicing the art of compassionate listening.

Please Bring:
-Your leashed Dog;
- a Blanket or mat for you and your canine companion to sit on. (please note that if you are not able to sit on the floor you can sit on a chair and participate that way) Chairs will be provided.
- Notebook & pen

When: Sunday July 9th, 2017
Where: All Season K9 Awareness Centre, 6 Riel Drive, St Albert, AB T8N 5C8
Time: 10am – 5pm. This includes an hour break.
Cost: $150 e-transfer or cash

For more information or to register please contact Sanghavasini at 403-805-3574 or email us