Canine Walking Meditation

The Canine Walking Meditation introduces us to a new way of relating with our dog through a mindfulness walking meditation. During this non-strenuous, relaxed walk we will discover what it is really like to walk our dog.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and your dog in a supportive environment while being out in nature. Receive tools and guidance to keep up this practice at home. This practice can greatly enhance your training skills and influence the dog’s behavior in a positive way.

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Through an ‘outward journey’ - the Canine Walking Meditation - allow yourself to be guided on a journey inward together with the most unconditionally loving and supportive companion; Your Canine Friend
- Sanghavasini Ananda

Outline of the Canine Walking Meditation

After participants gather an explanation will be given on what the Canine Walking Meditation is about and why it is beneficial for both ourselves and our dogs. We will then start this easy going, non-strenuous meditation walk with our leashed canine companions. The form of meditation we will practice is mindfulness meditation.  The meditation will be followed by a journaling exercise. After the meditation we will share our experiences. 

Important Notes:

* Everyone who is interested in connecting with their dog on a deeper level is welcome. No meditation experience is required.
* Please note that dogs must be leashed at all times. Make sure that the dog has exercised somewhat prior to the meditation hike so that some of the restlessness has worn off.
* Please be aware that the dog will be in a group of other dogs. Be considerate; do not bring a reactive dog as this will not be of benefit to anybody, including your dog. If you have a reactive dog you can come by yourself, do the meditation in the group and practice at home with your dog.

Please Bring:

* Your leashed dog          
* A journal (notebook) and pen
* Comfortable footwear and layered clothing, something to sit on at the end of the meditation (blanket) for the journalling exercise
* Bags to clean up after your dog

When and Where

When: Tuesday June 28th; 7pm - 8pm

Please arrive about 15 minutes prior so we can start our walking meditation at 7pm.

Where: William Camden Park,  For a full map and directions please click here

Cost: $25 cash only please

Upcoming Walking Meditation dates: 
* Tuesday June 28th

* Tuesday July 26th
* Tuesday August 30th


To save a spot for your dog and your self

 please contact me by email or call me at 403-805-3574.

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