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Sanghavasini & Coco
About the founder
Sanghavasini Ananda

Sanghavasini was born in Holland, where she received certification as a ‘vet-tech'. She has always been fascinated with dog behavior, which led her to become a certified obedience instructor in the early 90’s. She has attended various seminars internationally on natural health care for pets, animal communication, healing touch for animals as well as dog behavior, including Turid Rugaas’ seminar on Calming Signals. Sanghavasini has facilitated various workshops, meditations, animal communication and energy healing sessions for people as well as animals sinse 2004. She has offered house, pet and farm sitting since 2002. As of September 2016 certified in Pet First Aid through Walks 'N' Wags.



Paws4Bliss is created by Sanghavasini Ananda to:


•    Provide a space where people can experience a deep connection with their canine friend in a different way;
•    Increase awareness so that a deeper understanding of one self and the dog can happen;
•    Create an opportunity for one to practice observation and listening skills through connecting with one’s canine companion. This improves relationship with all beings; humans and canines alike.
•    Form community to support each other and to create a pawsitive change in the world – together, one step at the time through the amazing wise beings: our canine companions. 
•    Facilitate a learning environment where people can learn about themselves and their dogs through direct experience. 

* Everything shared through paws4bliss is based on     Sanghavasini's own direct experience.*

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Would you like to know why Paws4Bliss got created, and how Sanghavasini’s canine companion Coco was the inspiration to create it?