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On this page you will find various guided meditations to support your Canine Companion Mindfulness Meditation practice. Sniff out this page and try out the different tracks that lead you to your journey inwards, guided by your own furry friend.

Information About Our Guided Meditations


Currently Paws4Bliss is offering 4 Meditations and 1 free guided mindfulness meditation, specifically created for you and your dog.


Each track has been designed to explore and discover different aspects of one’s self and one's canine companion. Each track has been tested and approved by several canine experts and their people. May you and your dog enjoy the tracks that lead you to explore this inner journey!

Prior to commencing  we recommend that you please review our Before We Start page and the Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation page for detailed guidance.

Free Guided Mindfulness Meditation

We have provided the following FREE guided mindfulness meditation audio session to give you to experience what our sessions are like.

Guided Canine Meditations

From Panting to Pawsing

The track that leads from Stress to Bliss


The Gift Called Dog

The Present Called Now


Doggie Day in the Park

From Seriousness to Playfulness


Om Mani Puppy Hum

Meeting in the Field of the Heart


Entire Album (All 4 Meditations)

Purchase all four tracks at a discounted price


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Would you rather have the CD shipped to you? CD's are available at CAD$25 + shipping & handling.
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Please note that all prices are in Canadian dollars.

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”
- Buddha