Before we Start Meditating with our Canine Friend..

You need to do a few things before we start. First of all, please make sure that you and your dog will not be disturbed. Turn off phones and take care of anything that will be distracting. Create a place for you where you both feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.

What you will need:

* a mat or blanket big enough for you both to comfortably sit on;

* an open mind and playful attitude. 

For the meditations you can simply sit down with your dog on the blanket. If you are not able to sit on the floor, please sit on a chair so that you are comfortable. If your dog wanders off during the meditation that’s ok. Remember that our canine friends are wise furry meditation experts; they know when enough is enough for them. You can still continue with the meditation if this happens and keep bringing awareness to your inner space without changing anything. THIS is called “Mindfulness”. When you apply this practice to meditating with your dog we can call it: “Canine Companion Mindfulness Meditation”. 

Note: most meditations will be done with your LEASHED dog. It will be indicated for each meditation. 

Some helpful advice: Please do not use any treats to bribe your dog for the meditations. The beautiful thing about mindfulness meditation is that nothing has to be different than what is happening in that moment, not even your canine friend! The core practice during these meditations is witnessing the experiences in our inner space without altering the ‘outer’ circumstances.

WHY is mindfulness meditation a great tool to deepen our connection and training abilities? 

Mindfulness meditation enhances our ability to observe. In dog training, timing is everything. When we have good observation skils, it greatly improves our timing, which in turn takes our training ability to the next level. This creates less confusion and more clarity in the dog. Result? A perfect, synchronized team!

“They key to transformation is to make friends with this moment.
Whatever form it takes doesn’t matter.
Say yes to it. Allow it. Be with it.”

Oh, that was the dog’s teaching.
I’m just translating it into words.”

- Eckhart Tolle (Book:Guardians of Being)