In 2004 I, Sanghavasini, adopted a beautiful, sweet Shepherd "mixed breed" from the Calgary Humane Society. When I adopted Coco I was told that Coco had been abused and returned to the shelter 3 times due to 'aggressive' behaviour. At the time I was volunteering at the CHS. When I saw Coco sitting in the corner of her kennel, skin and bones, eyes glazed over from stress, I knew this precious girl was to come home with me to get the love she so much deserved. It was love at first sight, even for my dog Dusty that lived with me. (I had brought Dusty with me when I moved to

Canada from Holland in the year 2000). 

Coco was a totally different dog than Dusty. The walks that used to be so peaceful soon turned into stressful events as Coco would not stop barking the whole time we were out and about. She would run up to people, especially men, bark loudly at them, frothing at the mouth and eyes glazed over. As strange as this might sound, I realized that she was not being aggressive; she was just stressed, scared and misunderstood. This was my interpretation of her behavior. It was time for me to step in and demonstrate to Coco she was safe now. The training methods I had learned in the early 90’s as an obedience instructor had proven not to be sufficient enough; I had to come up with something different as giving up was simply not an option for me. 

The transformation of both Coco and myself happened through a combination of different means. Through the support, teaching and guidance of many amazing dog trainers, like Tammy Brooks, Jackie McGowan and Turid Rugaas, I learned and applied various training methods for Coco to regain her (and my) trust and confidence. I also learned about the importance of a wholesome diet and raw food, and noticed a change in Coco’s physical and emotional well-being. I combined this with my energy healing modalities like Reiki, Healing Touch and Sound Healing as well as animal communication and mindfulness meditation. Through all this, which includes the understanding and conscious experience of our interconnectedness, not only Coco’s but my life irrevocably changed for the best. What a gift Coco had given both of us!

My education in dog behavior and the human-animal connection is still continuing and will continue. As I transformed, I saw Coco being transformed at the same time. I became aware of the importance of the quality of my inner space, of how it affected Coco and how I could use this as a way to facilitate the reduction of Coco’s stress points. I was amazed at the transformation that happened in both of us! Because of this direct experience I felt called to share this with others somehow. Right here in front of you is the answer to that call: Paws4Bliss. May you and your canine companion benefit from all that Paws4Bliss has to offer. May it enrich your lives and support you on your journeys.

I look forward to meeting you and your canine companion(s) in person one day!

Important “Last but not Least” note:
My immense gratitude goes out to Dusty, Coco and all the other wise furry ones who have crossed my path. You all have shown me and are still showing me who I am, who I am not, how to live and how to just BE. 



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