Animal Communication Level 1

Do you wish you could know what your animal companion is thinking and feeling?

Would you like to experience a deep connection in a very special way with your animal companion?

Would you like to telepathically communicate with your animal companion to resolve health or behavioral issues?

Then this is the right workshop for you!​

In this workshop you will:
- learn how to communicate with your animal companion;
- discover how animal communication “works”;
- learn how to further develop your intuitive communication skills and how you can keep practicing it at home. These practices can be done for any species, and all life forms!

Please bring:
- a picture/ pictures of a dog (s) or other animals known to you that you want to communicate with. Either digital or paper pictures will work. Please note that you should be able to verify information about this animal as fellow participants will communicate with him/her. 
- A notebook and a pen.