Doggie Day in the Park

From seriousness to playfulness

Allow your dog to guide you during this meditation to your inner playground and connect with your spontaneity. Feel what it feels like to be carefree like our wise furry friend!

Note: For this track you might want to use a toy as the first few minutes will be play time!!

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Why is this meditation beneficial to me and my dog?
One of the major lessons that dogs can teach us is how to be spontaneous and playful again, like we were when we were children. It takes nothing for a dog to get the tail going - one look at a dog is often enough for the wags to happen. As children, we are playful and spontaneous. As we become adults, we are starting to take life very seriously and forget how to live like our wise furry friends; joyously and stress-free. Our canine friends simply enjoy life, expressing themselves freely no matter what other dogs or people might think of them. They do not judge other dogs or people either. They just act the way they are in each moment – no pretending, no shame, no guilt, no embarrassment. What you see is what you get.


Wow! What a great way to live! What a great reminder! When we stop taking life so serious we can live like that too. We can be playful and spontaneous again, enjoying life no matter what our outer circumstances are. That is our true nature! Then, when a challenge comes our way, we approach it with a wag and we will be able to turn the challenge in to a stepping stone to find the perfect solution. 

That which is false troubles the heart, but truth brings joyous tranquility.

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