Energy & Sound Healing

Benefits of Energy & Sound Healing include, but are not limited to:
- Increased physical healing and overall well being;
- Creating calmness and relaxation;
- Increases intelligence and trainability;
- Reduces anxiety, i.e. separation anxiety, thunder phobia, etc.

Energy & Sound Healing is offered through Paws4Bliss as individual sessions as well as workshops. 

Depending on the individual animal’s needs, the one-on-one energy healing sessions may include: energy healing, healing touch for animals, energetic clearing, sound healing (through Tibetan Singing bowls and Tingshas), animal communication, and crystal healing. Suggestions will be given for you to keep supporting your animals' healing. 

Note: Even when an animal has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, healing is still possible. There is a difference between curing and healing. "Curing" is the absence of disease and "healing" is moving to the highest level of wellness and wholeness possible, regardless of what is happening with the course of an illness." (quote from the book "Healing Touch, enhancing life through energy therapy by Diane wardell, Phd, RN, Sue Kagel, BSN, RN & Lisa Anselme, BLS, RN).

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To book your individual session or to get more information  contact us
Fee: Individual 60 minute session: $100
Sessions are offered in the comfortable environment of the pet’s home.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Energy and Sound Healing is NOT a replacement for veterinary care, but merely an additional support system, NO diagnosis will be made.

“It is nice to have this special connection with animals.  Amazingly, I have discovered that animals know a lot about Reiki.  I guess that is why they have such a natural acceptance of it.  If they could talk, they would say - "It's about time someone finally figured this out ! "
- Christine Follick