From Panting to Pawsing

*The track that leads from stress to bliss*

During this meditation you will be taken on a journey of breath awareness with your dog. This is a great exercise to practice with your dog to eliminate stress from your life and walk from stress to bliss, to move from worries to wags!

30 Second Preview

Full Track

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Why is this meditation beneficial for me and my dog?
The breath is closely related to the mind; one directly influences the other. When we are stressed, we take short, shallow breaths ‘into our chest’. When we are relaxed we take long, deep breaths ‘into our belly’. This is the way we breathe when we are babies, when we are in deep sleep and when we are relaxed. When you look at a baby or a relaxed dog you can still see that movement of the belly. When this deep breathing happens, the body is automatically relaxed. By re-learning to breathe this way, we can retrain our mind to go relax through redirecting the movement of the breath. 

How and why does our breathing patterns change over time?
From childhood on we get conditioned through various means: through the belief systems of our parents & family, our culture, the religion we might grow up in, school, and so forth. Over time, as we get conditioned, the breathing patterns changes accordingly - this happens unconsciously. These beliefs and their connected breathing patterns often cause stress. When we are stressed our body naturally will prepare itself for flight or fight by producing adrenaline. This causes more stress, not just mentally and emotionally but in the body as well. This in turn affects our breathing pattern – thus the vicious cycle continuous. When we change our breathing pattern, we change the movement of the mind. Becoming aware of our breathing pattern is one of the most profound meditation techniques we can do to change our lives and, inadvertently, will have a positive effect on the dog as well. 

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are."

- Chinese Proverb -

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